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GarbageGuru – Ask the Expert! July 22, 2009

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Garbage Jumble!

Garbage Jumble!

Welcome to the GarbageGuru blog! I am a guest writer on the Rent a Dumpster Blog, but I can answer any of your garbage questions on my blog here! I am an expert on dumpster rentals and the waste industry, and I am especially interested in recycling. Bookmark my blog for upcoming posts on everything garbage related! I’ll post helpful links that will save you money on your waste disposal, along with stories about communities that have taken trash to a whole level (and I’m not talking in the landfill…I mean recycling and reuse!).

Today, I found a helpful article from PCmag on electronics recycling! Did you know you can get cash back or gift cards for recycling your used electronics through online retailers? Read more here. And as always, before you put electronics,  such as old TVs and computers, into the garbage or into your dumpster rental, be sure to ask your hauler! You don’t want to *waste* your time carrying them to the sidewalk or into your dumpster rental if it will just need to taken back into your house.